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Jay’s Corner of the Industry – Time to Cast a Large Shadow.

Jay’s Corner of the Industry – Time to Cast a Large Shadow.

By Jay Del Vecchio W.I.T.S. President & CEO


Next month we will share even more to help you share all of this valuable info with your local media, clients and employers. It is time to engage and increase your value so you are appreciated even more!!


You are a superior fitness professional by all accounts do to your collegiate training, education and NCCA Accredited testing in knowledge and practical skills. Your fitness service will reflect it in an industry of minimalized certifications. What do I mean by minimalized? Unfortunately or fortunately for you as a W.I.T.S. CPT, the other certifications have not built out the infrastructure like other legitimate health occupations. The other certifications only have prospective fitness professional candidate’s complete written exams. There is no direct responsibility to perfecting the hands on skills nor testing it. Why do other certifications groups that have been around twice as long as W.I.T.S. not do more for the public and the trainer’s success? You can attend an internship with senior trainers to extend employment opportunities. Your reward is an additional Level 2 Certified Personal Trainer certification. So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to increase your value in the market with clients, employers and educate the media?

Step 1 – Clients Need to Know

Your best cheerleaders and longtime community support will come when you educate prospective clients and current clients of what you achieved to be nationally certified. Share a smart phone video, share a comparison chart of facts as to what you achieved over other lesser qualifying candidate certifications. This will show them why you earned the privilege to work with someone’s mom, sister or brother. A top 10 FAQ’s Sheet of Why You Should Hire a W.I.T.S. Trainer is essential! Send us your best suggested FAQ’s and we will compile a professional templated flyer or brochure for all to use in their business/community. Send your suggestions to Debbie at


Step 2 – Employers Need to Know

Not all fitness directors and owners are created equal. There are old veteran employers and or fitness directors that do not know enough about your W.I.T.S. national training and certification. You need to change that dynamic. Set up a meeting to educate them to give you respect and more importantly the additional funding for expanding your clients and their successes. Do not insult their certification group but instead highlight your training and W.I.T.S. Create a business profile that include who and what you are going to do for their club or training studio. Share with them your goal to grow the company one client and one referral at a time. Ask for their insights and guidance on what they like to see out of you. Share that you need to trust and receive their support to be more and do more so your career will be rewarded in their employment. Do you know how to build your goals and develop a business plan for you? Check out . You will learn incredible amounts of serviceable information on this page. While you are there request a mentor. It is all free and it will open doors. Tell us what you learned and we will review this together next month’s blog of Jay’s Corner. If we get enough great input I will even set up a GOTO Meeting for our alumni to kick it around.


Step 3 – Bring in the Media

Your value with your clients & employers will be enhanced tremendously by getting the local media of all types involved. Every area has a local penny saver paper or big boy local paper that wants to share health and fitness articles. Be that FREE source. Pick a monthly topic and build on it with a weekly blog for the paper. It may take you a few hours to build out the topic on a Saturday but do your research and get it done. At that point, you are set for the month. The paper will appreciate the advanced blogs to post and eventually rely on you as the source. Want help, we have a ton of blog info to share on a variety of topics. Check out our blog and just give us a by line with our writer to make your website and area local paper want you more and more. Check out and search










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