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How do Socioeconomic Issues Impact the Health of Our Youth?

Socioeconomic Issues: Resources Revealed


It’s safe to say that every area has different socioeconomic issues that impact childhood obesity. But it’s also safe to say that we are working to change this. What would your community say the largest socioeconomic issues are? Money, location, school lunches, unsafe communities that minimize children’s activity, grocery stores that are second rate, lack of local farmers, or lack of public transportation to better resources? Can you think of any others? Take a look at this CDC video about the obesity epidemic for a brief visual on this topic:

Did you know Pediatricians are pushing for more fruits and vegetables and advocating for better physical education programs? That the government is working to improve infrastructure for safe communities and greater activity? They have also supported bringing local farmer’s markets into the communities and provided grant money to help with these issues. We have support, but we are also responsible for educating our communities about this support.

How Can You Help?

Start by changing the conversation from a negative tone to a positive one.

You need to:

  • Recognize the issue the parent, teacher, or community is bringing to your attention.
  • Have a list of resources at your fingertip or take their information and follow up with a list of resources.

These two simple steps coach the community to recognize that things are starting to change, that you and your business can be used as a resource, and the future of our children CAN be improved. Who knows, maybe you can even host a monthly meeting opening the communities eyes to these resources!

What Resources?

Am I pushing Have you taken a look yet? This is HOW you provide resources so listen up! Several resources are revealed in the lower left hand corner. All it takes is one click.


The Let’s Move Campaign:

I have already mentioned this program in previous posts, so I’d like to point out this link to eating on a budget. You can print this out for the community along with other PDFs on this site:

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food:


This program encourages the growth of local farms. Fun fact: since 2008 local farmer’s markets have increased by 67 percent! Sounds like this initiative might be working?! This creates jobs, cultivates healthy eating habits, expands access to locally grown fresh foods, and helps our environment. You can find your local farmers here. There is so much information on this site, you must take a look!

USDA People’s Garden:

This initiative encourages people to start gardens at their schools, in their communities, volunteer at farms, and find gardens in their community. Sounds like a resource to me. Oh, did I mention that as of May 14, 2014 this initiative has donated 3.8 million pounds of produce to those that need it most? Yup, 3.8 MILLION pounds of produce!

Are you inspired?

Just a few facts to spark your interest in these websites. Remember, small steps lead toward leaps in fighting this epidemic. What are you waiting for? Find out about planting a garden at your school, or locate your local farm, or Farmer’s Market today!


Paulette Kowalski, MS ATC cPT





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