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Health and Fitness Facilities: NSF Standard WITHDRAWN!

If you have been following this story, you know that this is REALLY big news!

In this month, we’ve been talking about raising the bar in the fitness industry, with regards to education, training, and professional practice. Of particular interest were the standards for the education, training, and certification of Personal Trainers. Given the timing, I think it’s appropriate to talk about health and fitness facilities and the recent announcement that NSF International has withdrawn the NSF 341 Health/Fitness Facilities Standard.

NSF 341 was introduced a couple of years ago with the intent on establishing standards for the operation of fitness clubs. According to an article published by Club Industry, “[the fitness club] industry is in the process of creating a standard for a voluntary certification that some people see as crucial to establishing the legitimacy of the industry. The goal of the standard, some in the industry say, is to help make fitness clubs a more respected resource in the eyes of the public.”

Of course, none of us would argue about that in theory. However, since NSF 341 was introduced and published for public comment, many concerns regarding the development of the Standard have been brought to light. Of greatest concern was that the group that created the Standard was not representative of the industry and didn’t reflect the needs, interests, and concerns of the different professionals, businesses, educational organizations and certification groups. In fact, some felt that the group itself was not at all inclusive and created a Standard that served the interests of those who were invited to participate.

So, fast forward— after the Standard was presented for approval and went out for public comment, it was eventually withdrawn. I recommend you read the full article in this edition of Club Industry.

My take-away, and I hope the lesson learn–is that WE ALL must be involved, engaged, and informed. Had this Standard been accepted and implemented (or enforced!) many could have lost their jobs. Clubs could have possibly been forced to shut their doors. The potential impact is significant! We cannot be passive observers in our industry and our profession. We must stay involved and participate in the process of shaping our industry!

Are you involved, informed, and engaged? Read the full article and let me know what YOU think about it!

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1 thought on “Health and Fitness Facilities: NSF Standard WITHDRAWN!

  1. Since 1990 organizations from the certification part of our industry have tried to maneuver their interests over that of an entire industry. I get that the almighty dollar has their foremost attention. What about the trainers and their jobs in the field? Why not even ask your own alumni for data and input. I very much want a better system in place to educate, train and certify a fitness professional. Each trainer has direct on someone’s mom, sister or uncle Fred. That stated it must be comprehensive and not designed for self interest or to competitively drive out other processes that have less capital to access the new directives you create. If we are going to do it then let’s do it right. Why create a band aid approach to a very solvable problem. Employers, trainers and educators need to be involved. Otherwise watch out, the rug is going to be pulled out on your profession. Their meetings are happening all the time and no one is being invited to attend but a select few. Get involved at the Club industry Personal Trainer Summit October 23 at 2pm. This year we have a board of officers to bring your views into the annual process.

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