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Happy New Year! Helping Clients Keep Those Resolutions!

I hope all of you enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season and are enjoying the start of 2014. As we know, this is the busiest time of year for fitness professionals! New and returning clients come to us with their New Year’s Resolutions and need our help more than ever!

A recent article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology reported some interesting statistics regarding New Year’s Resolutions!

  • The #1 Resolution for 2014 was to lose weight.
  • The #4 Resolution for 2014 was to live life to it’s fullest.
  • The #5 Resolution for 2014 was to stay fit and healthy.
  • The # 7 Resolution for 2014 was to quit smoking.

So, 4 of the top 10 most common resolutions are directly related to what we do as fitness professionals. However, as we know, making resolutions is not the same as successfully achieving our goals. In fact, the same article reports the following:


How frustrating, but what a great opportunity for Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Fitness Coaches who can help individuals make the desired changes to achieve those goals. In my opinion, an understanding of psychology, motivation and behavior changes is what separates the “good” PTs from the FABULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL ones.

So, at this important time of year, as we are refocusing, setting our own goals for the year and helping others make positive behavior change to meet their goals, lets share some of our BEST Ideas for working with clients. What are some of your most successful strategies for helping clients who are struggling to adopt and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle?

If you are interested in expanding your Personal Training business to include Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, consider taking our NEW online certification course. It is self-paced and accessible 24 /7. You will receive mentoring from our most successful faculty members and fitness professionals. Earn this prestigious certification AND 11 CECs for your PT certification renewal!

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Helping Clients Keep Those Resolutions!

  1. I think the key to achieving ones goals is to make them achievable goals. Too much pressure put on yourself and frustration sets in. make your goals smaller. Start working out a couple days a week, then increase as you have time and as the work out gets easier.

    1. Very good point Debbie! Goals should be short and long term— attainable yet challenging—- and be measurable to help us remain accountable! Achieving small goals will give us the confidence we need to go for the bigger ones!

  2. I think that the Lifestyle Fitness Coaching certification would be wonderful to jump start any Fitness motivated individual’s career. I have been recommending the Lifestyle Fitness Coaching certification to our Grad students upon completing their Personal Trainer certification we offer to help them achieve a wider range of knowledge and guide their career, when working with new or existing clients. It certainly does not hurt to have more information in regards to someone’s lifestyle to be able to offer more options to themselves or their clients.

    1. Absolutely! Anything that can help us better serve our clients is fabulous!

  3. The Lifestyle Fitness Coaching has really taken off with our new online access. Alumni are chiming in everyday about how much info is packed into this course. I am very happy to see that it is useable info that can help a trainers business but mainly because it has taken a new years resolution client to a happy place in their life. Thanks Amy and Tony!

    1. That’s great news!! Students taking the class gain a whole new set of tools for helping clients be successful! Glad to hear the students are signing up!

  4. The feedback regarding this course has been amazing! Students are gaining a whole new perspective on training and client relationships. This is certainly invaluable information that will carry you throughout your career.

    1. That’s great news, Crystal! What makes the coaching class even more valuable is that the skills learned can apply to any career or relationship in our lives!! It’s all about learning to connect, communicate, motivate and help someone achiever their best!

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