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Fitness Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2023

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With new technology and innovation, fitness as we know it is changing. Instead of hitting the gym thrice a week, people are shifting towards a more complete workout approach.

One that includes nutrition and fitness and fits well with people’s lifestyles. As a result, certified fitness trainers need to change their training style to meet client demands and offer innovative training options.

But in essence, all new fitness styles and trends are based on basic exercises, so it’s not too hard for fitness trainers to revamp their training style and keep up with the changing trends. Here are some of the top trends trainers can expect in 2023.

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More At-Home Workouts

Staying at home for the past two years has forced trainers to design unique at-home workouts that clients can do easily. These workouts require minimal equipment and a small space to help clients achieve their fitness goals. These days, people have gone a step ahead and started turning their homes into home gyms.

These gyms have a few pieces of workout equipment, such as weights and some light equipment, to increase the efficiency of workouts and make people achieve their fitness goals faster. The popularity of such at-home gyms is set to grow in 2023 as people find working out from home more convenient and comfortable.

Boutique Fitness

Boutique fitness studios are mini versions of full-scale studios where clients can get a more personalized approach and individual attention. Boutique gyms operate in small classes with few people so that everyone gets equal attention. These studios are better for people new to fitness training or those looking for specific training techniques like Tai Chi or Pilates. Considering the rate at which these boutique studios are growing, they’d be good investments for trainers looking to start their businesses.

Virtual Fitness

Virtual fitness has been around since the 90s but took off in 2020 when people were confined to their homes. However, even after things had gone to normal, this trend stayed. Virtual fitness is preferred by people who are self-conscious about their fitness but still want to make progress. They can conveniently work out from the comfort of their homes. Besides that, people with other commitments like kids or certain health issues also find virtual workouts better. This trend will continue to grow in 2023, giving trainers access to a bigger market.

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Holistic Fitness

Fitness centered around mental and physical health is holistic fitness. People realize that proper fitness includes a healthy body and happy mind, which is why they prefer trainers who can cater to such needs. Holistic fitness trainers design workout plans that help clients reduce their stress and increase the production of happy chemicals in the brain while also keeping the body fit. This type of fitness relies on nutrition and relaxation.

Diet-Based Fitness

While exercising is important, people are starting to realize that they can stay fit while focusing on maintaining a healthy diet and keeping exercise minimal. This is especially helpful for people with certain disabilities or chronic health issues. Diet-focused fitness is likely to gain momentum throughout 2023, so it’s better if personal trainers expand their scope and get into health and nutrition to attract a higher number of clients.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology isn’t new, but given the developments in AI and data science, the devices have become much more effective. Now smart devices can track a person’s blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, estimated burned calories, and other health parameters. The tech will continue to improve in 2023, and trainers can use such devices to their advantage to monitor their client’s health and progress. Additionally, as innovation increases, devices are becoming more affordable, so people can access them more easily.

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Tabata Training

Tabata is a special type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that focuses on 20 seconds of intense workout and then 10 seconds of rest. This type of workout is great for increasing the heart rate quickly and burning more calories. People who lack the time to work out properly can try Tabata training and make the most out of their workout in a short period. However, offering such intense workouts requires proper care, so trainers must expand their skills first.

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise with small groups is becoming quite popular. People are tired of their boring lifestyles, and these workouts offer them a way to socialize while improving their fitness. Outdoor exercises are specifically popular among senior citizens who need a social group to work out efficiently. But the big issue with outdoor workouts in groups is ensuring everyone is on the same level fitness-wise. If trainers can figure that out, then they can train more clients at the same time, increasing their profits and reducing the workload simultaneously.

Smart Equipment

In addition to smart wearable tech, smart equipment is also gaining popularity. Devices such as smart workout machines and smart mirrors allow clients to perform custom exercises while storing data. This data can be used later to compare the progress and make adjustments to make the exercises more effective. Moreover, smart mirrors can also project personalized workouts that clients can follow without requiring a trainer. If the innovation continues, trainers can offer a wider range of services using such smart devices without being physically present with the client.

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