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Facebook: Not Just for Friends!

shoestring This month we’ve been talking about marketing strategies—but specifically, how to market on a shoestring budget. As we discussed, we may not have much time or money to focus on our marketing efforts, but without at least some investment, how can we expect any return? The key is to come up with ways to market to your clients and prospective clients in a way that helps meet your business goals, while staying within your time and funding budget.

Facebook for Friends

We all know that Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform. People of all ages and all walks of life use Facebook to maintain connections with family and friends–as well as re-establish contact with those we’ve lost touch with. When I think about my “Facebook Friends,” I notice the diversity in my small group. My youngest Facebook Friend is 15 years old. My oldest Facebook Friend is 84. What a great way to connect and communicate.



Facebook for Marketing Your Business

But Facebook is not just for your personal friends. It’s a great way to market your business. By investing a little bit of time and little to no money, you can not only build your relationship with current clients, but also attract new clients and business. But if you are going to do it right and launch an effective Facebook Marketing campaign, you must follow a few simple rules.

Have a Purpose

Decide what you want you Facebook page to say about you. What image do you want to convey? What purpose do you want it to have? Your Facebook page can certainly serve multiple functions, but you want to define them and make sure you are achieving those goals. You can announce specials. Invite people to an event. Share content and information in the process of educating your audience. Highlight success stories. There is no limit on what you can accomplish—but thing it through and define your purpose.

Post Often and Keep Connected

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day attached to your Facebook page, but keep the posts coming! Make sure the information stays current and is shared in a timely fashion. Facebook posts become obsolete in a matter of hours, so if you don’t take a few minutes each day to post, share, like, and connect—you’ll be lost!

Give Them a Reason to Sign Up, Comment, and Like

Success with Facebook Marketing requires that you get people to follow up, comment on your post, share your information, and “Like” what you are sharing. Provide an incentive for your clients to do so. This is the social media version of “word of mouth.” Have contests, offer prizes, acknowledge and reward referrals. Give people a reason to connect and communicate with you. The word will travel fast but you have to set it all in motion.

Integrate and Strategize

Your Facebook Marketing activities should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Integrate and coordinate with your blog, twitter, linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram tactics. Don’t feel overwhelmed! You don’t have to use all of these platforms, but if you do, you should coordinate your posts and information. Before you know it, you will have a strong social media presence and effective branding of your business. Ideally, all of these efforts will connect your audience back to you, your website, or another location where they can spend money and purchase your services.

What Are Your Facebook Marketing Success Stories?

Have you been using Facebook to market your business? Do you have any tips, recommendations, success stories to share? Please do so so we can learn from each other!

What’s Next?

We will discuss more of these specific social media tactics in upcoming posts. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing, consider signing up for one of our new classes. One of our newest, Facebook Marketing For Personal Trainers and Health Clubs may be the perfect place for you to start!




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