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Diabetes: Why It Matters

Diabetes Affects Us All

If you exercise regularly and eat a whole foods diet, you may not think that diabetes is a threat to you. But at its current rate of occurrence, diabetes is projected to affect at least 1/3 of all adults by the year 2050. Even if you yourself do not develop diabetes, there is a good chance your friends and loved ones will develop type 2 diabetes. As a fitness professional working with overweight and out of shape populations, you are almost guaranteed to have clients who are diabetic. As a country, we all bear the financial burdens of diabetes in terms of health care costs.

Nov 2015 Diabetes 2


Nov 2015 Diabetes 1.3

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As a fitness professional, the more you understand about your clients’ health, the better qualified you will be to provide appropriate interventions. To learn more about the roles exercise and nutrition play in preventing and reversing disease, consider enrolling in a W.I.T.S. online course. Many of our courses count toward the continuing education requirements for your certifications. Nutritional Concepts, Exercise Program Design for Special Populations, and Certified Personal Trainer are all courses that will enhance your understanding of Diabetes and other metabolic disorders.


American Diabetes Association: Fast Facts: Data and Statistics About Diabetes

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