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Diabetes Types and Treatments

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Diabetes is a growing epidemic of global proportions that parallels the obesity crisis. While a small number of cases are genetic, the vast majority are brought on by physical inactivity and poor nutritional choices. Fitness professionals can help clients manage and reverse diabetes through regular exercise and improved nutrition.


Diabetes Stats


As a fitness professional, the more you understand about your clients’ health, the better qualified you will be to provide appropriate interventions. To learn more about the roles exercise and nutrition play in preventing and reversing disease, consider enrolling in a W.I.T.S. online course. Many of our courses count toward the continuing education requirements for your certifications. Nutritional Concepts, Exercise Program Design for Special Populations, and Certified Personal Trainer are all courses that will enhance your understanding of Diabetes and other metabolic disorders.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Diabetes Statistic Report 2014.

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