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Bull’s Eye! Targeting Your Client Market

Mass vs Targeted Marketing

For the fitness entrepreneur on a shoestring budget, marketing your business can be a daunting proposition. With dozens of other fitness providers in your area vying for the same customers, standing out in the crowd requires a savvy strategy for success. Carving out a niche market is one way to reach potential clients who might otherwise be overlooked by your competition. Rather than marketing to the masses, concentrating on a specific niche population can provide a lucrative stream of revenue that will help your business grow.


Defining Your Market

Defining your niche market will take some thoughtful planning and research. According to Inc. Magazine, you should consider specific demographics, including age, gender, income, education level, occupation and family status. Make sure that there are enough people in your area who meet your criteria, and who can benefit from your services. Whether your target niche is older adults, mothers with young children, successful professionals or overweight teenagers, defining whom you will target will help you make other important decisions about how you can reach them with your message.


Managing Your Resources

Since your fundamental resources of time, energy and money are finite, you do not want to waste them on marketing strategies that will not bear fruit. Instead of spending money on advertising in a local newspaper or magazine, consider volunteering your time to offer free fitness assessments at health fairs and other community events. Align yourself with runners’ groups or local athletic teams. Work with local schools to offer free services to students and parents. Offer free body fat assessments at your local whole foods store or restaurant. The more exposure you have in your community, the more likely you will be to generate customers.


Hitting a Bull’s Eye

The methods you use to reach potential customers should be tailored to your niche demographic. Social media may provide a productive marketing platform for certain groups, while print media may be more effective for others. Making social connections within your niche demographic can generate new business and referrals. Helping just one individual reach their goals can be your most effective marketing tool. Satisfied customers are more than happy to sing your praises and steer others in your direction.


Marketing with limited funds can be a challenge, but W.I.T.S. has helpful resources that can take some of the guesswork out of your marketing decisions. To hit your target every time, check out our online courses for fitness professionals, including Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional.

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