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Assume the Sale and Feel the Magic

The Power of Belief

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You don’t have to believe in magic to succeed as a fitness practitioner, but you do need to believe in yourself and your mission. As Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company famously said, “Whether you think you can do a thing or not, you are right.” You may believe strongly in your ability to provide expert fitness advice to your clients, but before you can begin training them, you must persuade them to purchase your services. And you must assume that they want to buy what you are selling.

Confidence and Trust

When it comes to sales, many fitness professionals feel out of their element. After all, you went into fitness with a passion to help others through exercise and healthy lifestyle behaviors. But selling is an integral part of business. Without it, you would not have any clients or members to bestow your awesome skills upon. Potential clients are looking for a professional who can help them reach their goals. When you approach the sales interview with confidence, you immediately begin to build trust and rapport. When you demonstrate genuine interest in helping them, and listen to them attentively, you can safely assume the sale.

Selling vs Facilitating

As fitness professionals, we are essentially health care providers, eager to facilitate the transformation of our clients’ lifestyles. What’s more, we sell a service that every single person on the planet needs. By bringing your caregiving aptitude into the sales interview, you are able to assist your potential client in selecting a plan of care that will help them reach their goals. When you take on the role of facilitator rather than sales person, you take the pressure of sales out of the equation and replace it with caring guidance.

Asking and Receiving

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Your sales interview may be going along swimmingly, and you know you have gained the trust of your potential client. Yet here is where many falter. You must eventually ask for the sale, often referred to as “closing.” After all, if you don’t ask, you already have no for an answer. This is where assuming the sale makes all the difference. Assume that they are ready to begin a fitness regimen, and give them simple choices. Twice a week or three times? Monthly or quarterly? Morning or evening? Group training or one-on-one? The more successful sales you have under your belt, the greater your confidence, and the easier it will become to assume that each person you interview will happily purchase your services.


Selling your services or products is an inevitable part of business. W.I.T.S. has the sales tools you need to succeed as a fitness practitioner. Courses that focus on sales can be found in our Fitness Business Institute, and the W.I.T.S. Fitness Management Certification course offers countless tips and strategies for growing your business through new sales.

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