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Are You Sales-Phobic?


You became a fitness professional because you genuinely want to help people, you embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle and you see your self as an educator, a coach, a motivator! But a SALESPERSON? Not a chance!!

When we think of “sales” we envision the high-pressure, pushy, stereotype of the car salesman.

We when we think of selling, we think it’s manipulative, offensive, perhaps even annoying.

But, if we are going to be successful fitness professionals, we need to change our perspective. Sales doesn’t have to be any of those things—and in actuality, it is really HELPING, EDUCATING, LEARNING, CONNECTING and SOCIALIZING.

Those who are successful at sales, similar to those who are successful fitness professionals take time to connect with people and find out about their needs, interests, desires, and goals. Then, we help educate them on how to meet their personal goals and become a valuable resource to them. We don’t manipulate or strong-arm—we build relationships, we educate, we help, we coach.

So I encourage you to reconsider how you view selling and sales. Think of it in terms of creating a partnership with a person who needs your help and guidance to achieve their goals. You are an agent of change!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, tips, and insights on how to overcome the fear and disdain many have of “sales” and “selling.” Share your thoughts here or visit W.I.T.S. on Facebook by clicking on the icon at the top of the page or clicking:

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2 thoughts on “Are You Sales-Phobic?

  1. Every business in any profession sells their services or products. If they don’t then they are out of business. On this 4th of July make the move to expand your business skills so you work smarter with purpose. General health and fitness knowledge is useless if you do not have a business plan to share or dare I say sell your services. Personal trainer success is more than knowing 42 ways to do a bicep curl. A quick snapshot of the “how to” series are in the 2 CEC business workshops.
    – Developing Your Business Strategy
    – Identifying Your Products and Services
    – Setting Prices for Profitability
    – Promotion and Sales Basics
    – Developing Relationships: The Key to Success

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  2. […] first step, which we discussed previously, was overcoming our “sales phobia.” In order to do so, we have to first change our perspective of the “salesperson,” and […]

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