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Are Fitness Bootcamps Worth It? Here’s How They Help Personal Trainers

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Fitness boot camps are an easy way to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Bootcamps don’t rely on long-term training. Instead, they highlight a common fitness goal and help people achieve it.

Bootcamps are great for clients with busy schedules who want to quickly achieve their fitness goals. However, boot camps don’t offer a customized workout approach for the clients, unlike personal training. Everyone gets similar workout and diet plans, and the interaction with the trainers is limited too.

On the other hand, boot camps are a great way for personal trainers to boost their careers and get more clients. Because once clients see your work ethic and training style, they’ll be more likely to work with you even after the boot camp ends. Here’s all you need to know about fitness boot camps.

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How Do Bootcamps Work?

Fitness boot camps take inspiration from military training regimens. But instead of weeding out the weak from the group, fitness trainers use the training to accelerate people’s fitness training and help them achieve their goals faster. But still, fitness boot camps follow a strict schedule and generally have a group setting.

The training, however, differs widely. Some boot camps are designed for weight training and cardio workouts, while others are relaxing yoga classes that help clients destress. In some cases, there are also targeted boot camps, such as weight loss or body building boot camps. Boot camps are easier to conduct because they don’t require separate exercise programs for each client.

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How Can Bootcamps Help Your Personal Training Business?

It Cost Less To Set Up

Proper personal training sessions add up in costs in the long run. Because trainers need to give each client a good workout experience, they need to have proper equipment and space. This can cost a lot to set up.

On the other hand, boot camps follow the same training method for each client. Therefore, there’s no need to invest in additional equipment or workout space. Each client works out in a group setting, so you won’t need to create spaces for them individually. Moreover, the training is held for a specific period, so trainers don’t need to worry about arranging a long-term space.

It Brings In More Long-Term Clients

Say you started a fitness boot camp that was successful in bringing in a large number of clients. There’s a strong chance that some of those clients would want to work with you in the future too. So instead of boot camps, they’ll come to you as regular clients. These clients will be long-term clients, boosting your business and increasing your income.

At the same time, you can start a series of boot camps to keep the remaining clients interested and offer discounts to get them to consider full-time personal training. Once you’re successful in getting these initial clients, it’ll boost your popularity, and you won’t have trouble getting regular clients.

No Need For Customized Workout Programs

As a full-time personal trainer, your work is never finished. You’ll have to constantly monitor the client’s progress and analyze future workout strategies, which is why you’ll always be busy designing workout programs for your clients. But when it comes to boot camps, these rules don’t apply.

You only need to design a good workout program once, and it’ll apply to all the clients. Not just that, but you can reuse it when you take on the next batch for the same program. This saves time and makes it easier for you to teach the workouts to the clients. And since the boot camps are in a group setting, you’ll only need to teach once.

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Fast Track Fitness Lessons

Generally, when a personal trainer takes on a client, it takes a relatively long time for them to see visible results. That’s because the programs are designed to gradually increase the client’s fitness levels. But with book camps, everything is fast-tracked.

The goal is clearly defined in the beginning and doesn’t change throughout the boot camp. Clients don’t have a lot of input in this, and it’s the trainers who design and execute the workouts. So by the end of the boot camp, clients can see visible results.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Once the clients are satisfied with their fitness and your techniques, they’ll likely spread the word to their friends and family. This way, you’ll get free word-of-mouth marketing that’ll boost your business.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing because it doesn’t use any of your resources and prospective clients are more likely to believe their close acquaintances and give your services a try. As a result, not only will you get more clients, but you’ll also save the marketing costs.

No Scheduling Conflicts

You’ll no longer need to juggle such as a large number of clients. Boot camps have fixed schedules, and classes and clients are required to adjust their schedules to match yours. That’s why there’s no need to go over the schedules with each client and make adjustments at your end.

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More Income For The Same Training

While it’s true that personal trainers charge a premium price for their customized service, they still need a lot of clients to offset the expenses. On the other hand, boot camps are comparatively cheaper, but trainers get a higher number of clients and offer the same service to everyone for the same price.

This is why boot camps are a great way to increase your income without taking on more full-time clients. It also requires less space and equipment, so you’ll save money on that too.

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