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7 Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work!

A smartwatch

Fitness gadgets have been around for a while now, but up until now, they were mostly considered expensive gimmicks that served no purpose.

But these days, tech companies have come out with some impressive fitness gadgets that make workouts interactive and effective. Certified personal trainers can use these gadgets to improve their client’s performance and keep track of their progress.

Moreover, some gadgets also help determine which workouts are best for the clients, making it easier for you to manage your clients. However, even now, there are plenty of devices that don’t work as advertised. So to prevent your clients from spending money on useless items, we’ve created a list of helpful fitness training gadgets that actually work.

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The Evolution Of Fitness Gadgets

The commercial fitness gadget industry is decades old, but its early years were more experimental than delivering devices that worked. In the beginning, we saw smart bands that only offered one function, and even that wasn’t accurate all the time. Most of these gadgets were merely a way to make quick cash without offering anything of value to the customers.

But thanks to such basic innovation, today, we have devices that are reliable and can do much more than measure the heart. These days the devices are considered personal health assistants that can track virtually all aspects of one’s health, offer feedback, and store data to be analyzed later. As a result, investing in such devices doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

Must-Have Fitness Gadgets

Smart Watches

Smart fitness watches do a lot more than just connect to the phone, play music, and measure the distance covered. These days the watches can also monitor your heart rate, your oxygen levels, and even track your workouts. These matches also help people stay motivated and display their overall progress. Whether it’s going for a run or performing a full workout, having a smartwatch is a good investment. Additionally, the monitored parameters are stored in the device and can be checked later to monitor the overall progress and make changes accordingly.

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are regular mirrors with a built-in screen to display different workouts. This makes it easier for clients to continue their training even when you’re not with them. The mission can display on-screen workout sessions while the AI monitors the effectiveness of these workouts and offers real-time feedback. This is done through sensors in the mirror that monitor the client’s movements and check them against the standard set.

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Smart Workout Equipment

A lot of workout equipment has built-in smart sensors that help make the workouts more effective. For example, a treadmill with a smart sensor can monitor the client’s progress, and you can analyze the data to determine whether they need to improve or not to reach their fitness goals. This equipment can also mimic different terrains and difficulty levels to make the workout challenging indoors without endangering the client’s health or safety. Besides that, personal trainers can also invest in smart weights that gain or drop weight depending on the client’s needs. This makes it easier for people to perform different workouts without needing specific weights.

Brain Sensing Headbands

Just like physical health, it’s equally important to monitor your client’s mental health to prevent stressing them out or putting too much pressure on them. For this, brain-sensing headbands are the perfect option. These headbands offer real-time feedback and let you know if your clients are calm, focused, or stressed out. The headband can also nudge your client back into the workout if they lose focus.

Smart Water Bottle

Smart water bottles might not directly contribute to the workouts, but they help keep the body hydrated. The bottles come with a UV LED cleaner that keeps the water clean in case your client forgets to wash the bottle. Moreover, these bottles can also maintain their temperature. Best of all, some of these bottles come with signals that alert the user if they haven’t consumed enough water. Using these bottles makes it easier for people to maintain their hydration levels while also having access to clean water at all times.

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Smart Trackers

Smart trackers are devices that keep track of your client’s sleeping habits, calories burned, the distance ran, and other vital information that can be used to make the workouts effective. Some of these gadgets also measure breathing patterns to keep track of the client’s health. Any anomaly allows the clients to get a warning so they can schedule a check-up before things get worse. These trackers also monitor the heart rate, making it easier for you to design effective workouts and see results in real-time.

Smart Rope

It may sound odd to have an AI-powered jump rope because they are only used for jumping. However, with a smart jump rope, you don’t have to keep track of your client’s cardio activities, count their jumps, and maintain a record. Moreover, the rope can be used to challenge other people, and the one with the highest number of jumps gets a reward. This can motivate clients who tend to get bored with their workouts easily. Best of all, using this jump rope makes the workouts easier because the rope is controlled by two ball bearings, making the movements smoother.

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