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6 Ways To Make Additional Income With Your Fitness Business

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Running a fitness business is no joke. Not only is the industry highly competitive and saturated with hundreds of qualified, talented professionals, but it’s also changing all the time.

It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the demands of this profession and cope with the changing nature of this industry simultaneously.If you’re looking to generate additional income through your business as a certified fitness professional, here are some great ways to achieve your goal and get more revenue:

1. Build your main business up

It can be easy to lose sight of the main thing when you’re looking for ways to expand your sources of revenue: the actual core business.

No matter how long you’ve been in the industry or how much you’ve got going for you, there will always be room for improvement. It’s nothing personal, and it’s not a sign of poor service. It’s a smart business decision to improve what you have currently and work your way up.

For instance, if you’ve got a fully-equipped gym or studio right now, you can get feedback on what works and what doesn’t, from the decor to the equipment. Additionally, you can also look into options like expanding your business facility for greater reach.

This is entirely up to you and what you want out of your business, and where realistic improvements are possible. You don’t need to break the bank to make a real impact on your work.A fitness trainer with specialized skills offers prenatal fitness training.

2. Find ways to be innovative and creative

Owning your business is the perfect time to get creative and be innovative. Figure out ways to set yourself apart from your competition, generate traction, gain more of a following, and set your fitness business apart in the industry.

Highlight your unique selling points (USPs) and find out what helps you grow, stand out, and improve your brand image. Again, this may seem elementary, but it’s often the simple, basic things that make the most impact on clients. Never underestimate the importance of USPs in an industry as competitive as fitness!

3. Offer flexibility to your members

Many members are pushed away from the fitness businesses due to a lack of flexibility. While business owners do have limitations, they also have the ability to change policies and bring in more flexibility. One area that owners neglect is membership and offering flexibility in that regard.

You can offer couples’ memberships, walk-in subscriptions, class passes that allow people to experiment and mix up their fitness classes, temporary memberships, and other options. Perhaps think of policies that allow members to make up for missed days or classes in the next cycle, so it allows people to save more.

This is a small change that will cost next to nothing to implement and may even encourage and attract more membership and adherence. Plus, it will add to your USPs since many gyms and fitness businesses refuse to offer flexible membership opportunities and options to their clients.

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4. Use both digital and physical training

Speaking of flexibility and diversification, you can offer various streams and platforms for teaching and training. COVID-19 really opened up the possibilities for multifaceted teaching and training for fitness professionals and potential clients and is one of the most effortless ways to generate more income.

There are a few different ways to go about this: you can have a hybrid workout/trianing schedule, exclusive online content, or mixed groups.

In a hybrid setup, clients can choose to come to the gym sometimes, and other times they can train online. In exclusive online content, you can have specific videos and live training that caters just to online clients, and in mixed groups, you have the ability to expand your client reach and double business while saving time.

Simply put, you can squeeze more people into a single session by live streaming the workout, so you’re spending less time planning and scheduling classes. Online services are accessible and give your brand incredible reach to clients all around the world.

5. Invest in value-added options for clients

Your clients are your greatest asset, and as a certified fitness trainer, your job is to ensure that they’re getting their money’s worth. However, that doesn’t mean you need to do things for free, either.

Instead of limiting your services, you can improve their existing experience with more value-added features. Collaborate with dietitians or offer nutrition advice, grocery store tours, and other add-on services, including wellness offerings, spas, sports massages, and more. These services will give you the opportunity to generate revenue from multiple streams and create a more holistic experience for your brand.

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6. Stock products related to fitness and health

Lastly, you can also stock and sell various products related to your line of work. Some options include supplements, sportswear, fitness gear, technology like watches and trackers, bags and accessories, and other gym and fitness-related products that are in demand.

Many gyms offer smoothies and juices, coffee, and even healthy food that clients want. Of course, you may have to factor in inventory costs, sourcing products, and collaborating with other businesses that manufacture these products, but it’s a great way to sell products under your brand or at your facility and increase profits and revenue.

Increasing your earnings from your business should be a priority for your company, but it’s not all that’s important. It should never be at the expense of your service quality, customer care, and other factors.

Learn more about the business side of things through our online business management resources, and take your services as a certified personal trainer to the next level. We’re teaching young fitness professionals how to maximize their business potential and make the most out of their practice through our fitness trainer programs. Reach out to us to learn more.

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