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5 Steps to Re-Boot for a New You in the New Year!

Whether you need a total makeover or just a few minor tweaks, you can’t change your life without changing your behavior. If you’re tired of doing the same things and getting the same results, it’s time for a reboot.

1. Reflect
Once the madness of the holidays subsides, and before the New Year is in full swing, most of us experience a lull in our otherwise busy lives. This is the ideal time to reflect on your life and think about whether you are satisfied with the direction life has taken. Are you moving steadily toward your goals, or have you veered off the path? Are your old goals and plans still relevant, or do you need to rethink your game plan? Maybe you have lost sight of your goals altogether, and are just muddling along, stuck in a rut. Yet within each of us lies unlimited potential to live happy and fulfilling lives. Set aside some quiet time to reflect, plan and dream of what your very best life would look like, then go after it with all your heart.
2. Revisit
Dwelling on past blunders can keep you mired in negativity and prevent you from moving forward with a positive mindset. But sometimes it pays to examine what went wrong in the past year, and why, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Did you fall short of your business or fitness goals? What obstacles were you unable to overcome, and what strategies didn’t work? Reviewing recent failures can provide valuable lessons to apply in the coming year. Be humble, and take responsibility for your shortcomings. Once you have examined past events, chalk them up to experience and leave them in the past. You have grown, and the person who made those mistakes has evolved.
3. Revise

Rather than applying new strategies to old goals, consider scrapping the whole lot and starting anew. Be specific about what you want. Goals like making more money or losing weight are too vague, and do not provide a framework for progress. Realistic and attainable goals can be accomplished with a solid and persistent strategy. Set long-term goals and then work backward, breaking them down into daily, weekly and monthly actions that will lead to successful attainment. Strategies that failed in the past are not likely to lead to future success. Regardless of how much time, energy and work you have already invested in your approach, there comes a time when you have to abandon bad ideas and behaviors and begin anew.
4. Reimagine
Visualization is the practice of seeing something in your mind before it manifests in your life. It is using your imagination to create a picture of a happier, more successful future. When you take time to visualize, you remind yourself of your ideal life and redirect your energy toward realizing your dreams. Don’t sell yourself short by focusing on the things you want to buy or do, but rather envision how you will feel when your dreams have come true. Concentrating on feelings instead of things helps align your dreams with the creative energy within you that empowers them to come true.

5. Recharge

You cannot pour from an empty vessel, and no matter how determined you are, there are limits to what your mind and body can endure without a little down time. After the holidays, it is common to find yourself mentally, emotionally and even financially depleted. Take a step back and give yourself a breather. Get some extra sleep, spend time outdoors, take a break from your devices, and even from the people you love. You have worked hard and given your best. Reward yourself with a little TLC and you will be ready to tackle the New Year as a better, more energized version of yourself.
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