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3 Common Personal Trainer Insurance Myths

Author: CPH and Associates


Identifying the myths of personal trainer insurance is just as important as understanding the facts of trainer insurance. Being able to distinguish between fact or common misconception can mean the difference between being fully insured during a claim or having inadequate coverage. Inadequate coverage means that there will be more out-of-pocket fees for the trainer who is the defendant in a suit. Make sure that, as a trainer, you fully understand and can identify common myths about personal trainer insurance to avoid being blindsided with legal fees.

Myth #1: Policy coverage only covers trainers in their place of employment. In fact, our policies are portable and will provide coverage anywhere you can legally render service. This means that in the event that a trainer wants to practice outside of their place of employment, they will be legally insured in the event of a claim. This can include instructors who train at parks or any other place that is not their official place of employment.

Myth #2: Trainers do not need their own policy because their gym insures complete coverage. This is not entirely true. Even if a trainer is covered by their gym’s insurance, this does not necessarily mean they are completely covered. Also, if there are multiple people who are having a claim filed against them, the gym’s policy may not have enough coverage for everyone named in the suit. With an individual insurance policy, trainers can rest assured knowing that they have adequate coverage if they have a claim filed against them.

Myth #3: Trainers need separate policies for all of the certifications they hold. In actuality, one policy will cover all certifications covered. If a trainer holds multiple fitness certifications such as personal trainer and yoga instructor, all certifications will be covered under one policy. However, in the event that an instructor carries both titles of mental health or allied health practitioner and fitness professional, they may need separate policies to provide the appropriate coverage for all service modalities.

All three of these common personal trainer insurance myths can cause trainers to be involved in a claim without the necessary coverage. Purchase a full coverage personal trainer insurance plan to be prepared for any possible lawsuit during your career.


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