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10 Reasons the Gym is a Great Place to Work

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If you have ever thought of quitting your boring stressful 9 to 5, or if you need a job that you can work around your family’s schedule, you should think about applying for a job at your local fitness club. The gym is a great place to work for more reasons that can be listed in a single post, but here are just 10 of them.


  1. Flexible Hours: Most gyms are open from early to late, and some are even open all night. There are plenty of shifts to fill, and some gym employees even work split shifts. If you are a college student with a volatile schedule, or if you simply want to be around for your family when school lets out, to run everyone to ballet and soccer, the gym’s flexible scheduling will work for you.
  2. Free Membership: Most gyms offer their employees a free membership, and that sometimes extends to immediate family members as well. Organizations like municipal rec centers and the YMCA even have employee discounts for swimming lessons and other amenities. You will be saving money while making money!
  3. Community: Unlike retail, where customers come and go, the gym is truly a club, where you interact with members on a regular basis. Most gyms have a strong member community, and the staff plays a key role in bringing everyone together, offering a great opportunity to build relationships with others who are into fitness.
  4. Networking: The member community is diverse, providing you with great opportunities to connect with others who can help you move ahead in life. From finding a service provider like a dentist or mechanic, to getting a letter of reference for work or school, the gym community is mutually supportive.
  5. Free or Discounted Childcare: Most large gyms have in-house childcare, so your tots are taken care of while you earn money and build your career.
  6. Opportunities to Move Up: Most gyms are highly supportive of staff members who want to make fitness a full-time career. Many managers, personal trainers and group exercise instructors started out working the front desk, or in child care.
  7. Positive Work Environment: The gym environment is generally a happy and positive one. All those fit healthy people, full of endorphins! If you are tired of workplace drama and grumpy co-workers, the gym is the place for you.
  8. Upbeat Music: Music has alway provided a backdrop for fitness, and it plays 24/7 in pretty much every gym. You practically dance your way through your shift to uptempo music that keeps you motivated.
  9. Comfortable Uniform: Can you say stretch lycra? Workout wear is designed for comfort, allowing your body to breathe and move. No more pinched toes and achy feet, either, from high heels or dress shoes. Short of wearing your PJs to work, you cannot do better for comfort than a gym uniform.
  10. Education: The gym offers tons of opportunities to learn and grow. From learning about weight training to becoming a Zumba instructor, the gym offers endless opportunities for personal enrichment. Some gyms will even reimburse you for workshop and certification fees.

Of course, the gym is not the ideal place to work for everyone, but it has many advantages and perks that you cannot find elsewhere. If you are into fitness, love helping others, and want to work in a positive environment with flexible scheduling, look no further than your local gym.


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