Council Opening

If you are looking for a professional development opportunity, we are seeking an individual to fill a vacant seat on the WITS Council starting 1 May 2022. The Council was established in 2016 to promote the highest standards for fitness professionals through the development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of all aspects of the certification and the renewal process. The Council is responsible for establishing, reviewing, and overseeing implementation of policies for the certification programs.

Members of the Council are selected to represent the diverse demographic characteristics, roles, and settings within which health and fitness professionals practice. The Council meets remotely 3 times a year and you will serve a 3-year term. The Council is comprised of a total of 5 voting members and each voting member serves without compensation or other remuneration.

Please consider applying for this seat on the Council if you:

  1. Are prepared to actively participate in meetings
  2. Hold a W.I.T.S. certification in good standing
  3. Have held your W.I.T.S. certification for at least 2 years
  4. Currently work in the fitness industry (full or part-time)
  5. Do not have a conflict of interest with the purpose, mission, and operation of W.I.T.S.
  6. Are willing to volunteer for a 3-year term on the Council

If interested in being considered for the open Council seat, please email Dr. Michael Bankey at and express your interest to serve on the Council by providing:

  1. Your acknowledgement that you can meet the 6 areas above
  2. A narrative about why you want to be on the Council and what you could bring to the Council
  3. An explanation of your professional background in the health/fitness profession
  4. A listing of any health/fitness certifications you currently hold
  5. A listing of any current or past Boards/Councils that you have held a seat on
  6. Any additional information you feel the Council should know about you

Please provide the above information by 15 April 2022, thanks!