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Is It Worth Becoming A Personal Trainer? Let’s Find Out

Becoming a certified personal trainer seems to be the end goal for many students interested in entering the fitness business. Personal trainers are more credible, but their certification sets them apart from others which helps students get more clients. But that’s...

How Personal Trainers Can Expand Their Careers In The Fitness Industry?

The personal trainer industry is thriving like never before. It doesn’t matter if someone has experience as a fitness coach or someone completely new. A personal training certification can help you gain the credibility you need to advance your career in the fitness...

Tips And Tricks To Get More Clients As A Fitness Trainer

Getting a fitness training certification is an easy part of starting your fitness career. The hard part is getting the clients. Outdated marketing tactics once used to lure clients aren’t sufficient in today’s fitness industry. Clients have many more fitness training...

Differences Between Fitness Trainers And Personal Trainers

Nowadays, the fitness industry is crowded with health coaches and fitness experts who claim to offer extraordinary services. People fall for these so-called experts in a bid to get faster results. However, in reality, entering the fitness world and offering a service...

The Dos And Don’ts Of Weight Loss Training Every Personal Trainer Should Know

As a fitness trainer, you’ll get many clients who want to lose weight or get in better shape. Some people generally have a faster metabolism and don’t worry about burning calories to lose weight. On the other hand, some people have a comparatively slower metabolism,...

How To Tell If A Workout Program Is Working

Even the most qualified certified fitness trainers may struggle to accurately evaluate the efficacy of your workout programs and schedules. Everyone’s bodies are different, and some clients may see results faster than others; others may not see much of a change...

6 Ways To Make Additional Income With Your Fitness Business

Running a fitness business is no joke. Not only is the industry highly competitive and saturated with hundreds of qualified, talented professionals, but it’s also changing all the time. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the demands of this...

Start An Online Fitness Business In The Medical Fitness Niche

Medical fitness is one of the most challenging, demanding, yet invigorating branches of personal and fitness training that aspiring trainers can branch into. Not to mention, it’s also highly competitive and requires a certain degree of empathy, skill development, and...

How You Can Establish A Profitable Fitness Niche In The Crowded Fitness World?

The fitness industry is always coming up with new trends. Some of them are quite profitable but don’t stand the test of time, while others have a slower growth rate but can be turned into full-fledged businesses. For fitness trainers who want to set up their own...

What Career Options Are Suitable For Certified Personal Trainers?

The development of the fitness industry is opening up many career opportunities for trainers. However, personal trainers must undergo intensive training to get their certification and be eligible to offer training. They also get training in different fitness...

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W.I.T.S. has lead the way for true fitness education, hands-on practical skill training, and certification for 30 years! Our training exceeds the health and fitness certification standards and always results in success. Jobs in this industry are projected to grow by 18% over the next 3 years; so don’t miss out on your chance. Register NOW with W.I.T.S., the Practical Skill Certification!

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The W.I.T.S. organization is the only organization to receive NCCA accreditation in the practical skills and theoretical knowledge for their personal health trainer programs. In addition, W.I.T.S. certified courses are available at hundreds of colleges and universities with college credits through the American Council on Education (www.acenet.edu). Check out how we prepare our graduates for a solid career!


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I absolutely love what opportunities this school has given me. They are so helpful with furthering my knowledge and passion for health and fitness.

Hannah Ward

Excellent place to get your training, and to keep it up. They have a good course, and it is easy to get help with questions.

Donna Rose

WITS is the only certification that I know of that offers (practical) in the gym training! Most certifications are written exam only.

David Gerardi Sr.


Learners with special needs can contact us directly at witstesting@witseducation.com

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