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Bad Posture: Back Exercises You Should Recommend To Your Clients

As a physical fitness trainer, one of the most common issues you will encounter with your clients is bad posture. In fact, bad posture is so common that it’s estimated that over 85% of all adults experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives....

Exercises That Improve Agility

There’s a reason why athletes are trained to be agile instead of having big muscles. While working on strength conditioning and building muscles is important, having an agile body can make a person’s fitness journey much easier. With agility workouts, your client can...

Scoliosis: 6 Ways To Train Clients With Spinal Issues

Around 9 million people are affected by spinal issues in the US. This also includes scoliosis. Generally, scoliosis is more common in children above the age of 11, but it can also happen to adults. Because of this spinal issue, people with scoliosis have a limited...

Muscle Fiber Types: What’s the “Difference” Between “Slow-Twitch” and “Fast-Twitch”?

by Joseph Giandonato, MBA, MS, CSCS, World Instructor Training Schools Introduction The human body is the most sophisticated piece of machinery in nature. Comprised of an assemblage of intricate systems that work interdependently to facilitate functions and...

How To Determine The Right Intensity And Number Of Sets For Your Clients!

Generally, a lot of fitness trainers and gym instructors stuck to a few dedicated routines to make sure they could cater to a higher number of clients. This is the main reason why people stop seeing results after a while. Our bodies get used to continuous movements,...

Explicating Concurrent Training

by Joseph Giandonato, MBA, MS, CSCS Faculty Member World Instructor Training Schools Introduction Fitness professionals are faced with a multitude of dilemmas in their practice. Prominently among them lies the controversial issue of prescribing both aerobic endurance...

Ways You Can Diversify Your Fitness Expertise

Since more people are paying attention to their fitness, there has been a surge in fitness and personal trainers entering the industry. This leads to fewer opportunities for everyone and reduces their prospects of getting more clients. On top of that, even if you do...

Reasons Why Clients Give Up On Fitness And Ways You Can Keep Them Motivated

Have you ever felt defeated, exhausted, and tired mid-workout? Have you had those moments where you’ve just wanted to quit and stop your fitness journey? You’re not alone in your struggle. It’s only normal for fitness and workout motivation to waiver, and if you, as a...

How To Build An Online Fitness Business

Building any business from scratch takes a lot of effort, but when it comes to fitness, your tasks get much more difficult. This is simply because of the type of fitness training and the competition to capture the most clients. As a certified personal trainer, here...

The Biggest Fitness Trends Of 2023 According To The Experts

The fitness industry is expected to grow by 171.75% to $434.74 billion by 2028 and is currently booming across the globe. There is an increased interest in different types of fitness, including different specializations, changes to the way the industry approaches...

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W.I.T.S. has lead the way for true fitness education, hands-on practical skill training, and certification for 30 years! Our training exceeds the health and fitness certification standards and always results in success. Jobs in this industry are projected to grow by 18% over the next 3 years; so don’t miss out on your chance. Register NOW with W.I.T.S., the Practical Skill Certification!

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The W.I.T.S. organization is the only organization to receive NCCA accreditation in the practical skills and theoretical knowledge for their personal health trainer programs. In addition, W.I.T.S. certified courses are available at hundreds of colleges and universities with college credits through the American Council on Education (www.acenet.edu). Check out how we prepare our graduates for a solid career!


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WITS is the only certification that I know of that offers (practical) in the gym training! Most certifications are written exam only.

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