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Personal Training Certifications

Successful Certified Personal Trainers need more than book knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to know the effects of exercise and how the body will react to it. In addition you need the practical mastery of the skills in assessing a client and how to take competent steps to physically and mentally get your client to the promise land of measurable lifestyle results. Learn More

Welcome to W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training Schools)

The World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.) has been leading for 25 years to enhance public safety by developing and administering true health and fitness certification programs. Furthermore, jobs in this industry are projected to grow 16% into 2021. Through the W.I.T.S. courses, you can become certified as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, older adult trainer, and other disciplines in this industry.

The W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer is the only organization to receive NCCA accreditation in the practical skills and theoretical knowledge for their personal health trainer programs. In addition, W.I.T.S. certified fitness trainer courses are at hundreds of neighborhood colleges and universities with college credits through the American Council on Education ( Check out how we prepare our graduates for a solid career.

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What W.I.T.S. Students and Graduates Are Saying

“I believe that the Internship requirement by WITS is invaluable! It forced me into a real training environment with real clients. I worked with 5 different trainers and was exposed to different training styles as well as very varied client ability levels. I saw first-hand how to interact successfully with clients and to keep them moving through their exercises. The Internship gave me the confidence I needed when I first began working as a Personal Trainer – I was hired at the facility I interned at!!! Get Moving!” — Carole K. View More Testimonials & References

Stress Releasing Workouts You Can Recommend To Your Clients

The fast-paced lifestyle people have these days makes it difficult for them to manage stress, and unregulated stress can lead to bigger health issues such as chronic pain and even heart issues. Exercise is one of the fastest ways to release stress without using medication. But not everyone can do these exercises.


A Step By Step Guide To Create Effective Online Fitness Lessons

These days, fitness trainers have gotten creative, and some are even running full-time online fitness classes. In the past few years, the demand for online fitness has risen, and more people want easily accessible workout routines that fit their busy lives.


What Is Bodybuilding, And What Bodybuilding Programs And Diet Recommendations Should You Give To Clients?

Bodybuilding remains the most popular form of workout, and people of all ages are interested in achieving a defined and healthy body with bulky muscles. However, bodybuilding isn’t as easy as working out regularly. It requires dedication, hard work, and special diets and workout restrictions to achieve the defined look.