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Personal Trainer Practical Review - .9 CEU's/ 9 CEC's

Learn all the key components to work with clients with hands on drills with Michelle Matte, ME & Abby Hoffman-Eastman, MS Ed

These online practical labs are a great resource for students who are preparing to take the W.I.T.S. Practical exam. The digital filmed practical skills are taught with the Fitness Professionals Handbook by Howley & Thompson, 6th edition text. This is a great study tool for anyone trying to learn the essentials of being a personal trainer. If you need follow up on training issues, then this is for you. Do not attempt any of these drills unless you have been approved for physical activity by a physician. Online version includes additional video links and materials to put you way over the top of the learning curve. You will have 24-hour access to this online course and will be able to study and review the materials at your own pace, in your own home, and a time that is convenient for you!

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Practical Lab 1 - Health Screening and Record Keeping
Practical Lab 2 - tools for Monitoring Exercise Intensity; Maximal and Sub maximal Testing for CRF
Practical Lab 3 - Assessing Cardiovascular Fitness
Practical Lab 4 - Assessing Body Composition and Anthropometric Measurements
Practical Lab 5 - Programming for Cardio respiratory Fitness
Practical Lab 6 - Programming for Muscular Fitness; Weight Machines
Practical Lab 7 - Programming for Muscular Fitness; Free Weights, Elastic Resistance and Alternative Equipment Modes
Practical Lab 8 - Alternative Resistance, Flexibility and Core Training Looking

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Students must review all of the video, web-based and text content, participate in all discussion questions, score 100% on all quizzes, and submit all class assignments to receive CECs and CEUs.


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