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W.I.T.S. Professional Continuing Education Credits and Renewals

To order W.I.T.S. online CEC/CEU approved courses click here. 

The W.I.T.S. Certification is valid for a 2-year period (Expiration date or renewal is your original graduation date). View Alumni of High Distinction who have recently renewed. In order to keep the certification current, all W.I.T.S. graduates are required to complete the following items:

    • certified-digital-badgeEarn a minimum of 10 continuing education credits by completing W.I.T.S. approved courses. W.I.T.S. requires .1 W.I.T.S. CEU program that has this IACET standard. The International Association of Continuing Education and Training is the highest quality worldwide standard for Continuing Education Unit. The other groups that we have approved for W.I.T.S. CEC’s are at our minimum standard. You can get other programs of interest for as many as 9 CEC’s from these approved vendors*. W.I.T.S. CEU/CEC courses have an additional membership discount as well.
    • Current proof of CPR/AED Certification.
    • Completed W.I.T.S. Renewal Application [download]

Digital badge of distinction available on many programs.  What is a digital professional badge?  Click here  (A big plus that is used in many other fields is now an industry 1st from W.I.T.S.)

*W.I.T.S. will recognize credits from other IACET Provider organizations to include college credit courses that relate directly to the health and fitness field.  We also recognize and accept CEC’s obtained from approved vendors from our W.I.T.S. store, Club Industry & IDEA conventions. Any providers outside of the above listed must be approved through a petition request.
Petition for CEC Form [download]

Please note our store has pre-approved online courses with home study CEC’s ready to go.

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Learners with special needs can contact us directly at

Renewal FAQ

How often do I need to renew?

Your professional fitness certifications, like other health occupations, are up for renewal every 2 years. It starts with the date listed on your certification. For example, if your certification is dated September 7, 2014, you will be due for renewal by the end of September 2016.

What are the benefits of renewing my certification?

  • New Digital Badge!!! (included free by using our CEC online course)
  • Employer, peer recognition and resume builder
  • Liability insurance at a very special rate by an A+ carrier
  • Protection & credibility on potential law suits
  • Access to a special alumni professional page
  • Access to employer list in your area

What should my renewal submission include?

A proper renewal should include the following:

  • A minimum of 10 W.I.T.S. approved continuing education credits (CECs)/continuing education units (CEU)
  • Completion of a least one mandatory IACET / W.I.T.S. CEU program. This course must be chosen from the IACET approved course listing; Regular W.I.T.S. approved providers will not apply for this ONE required course.
  • Proof of a current CPR/AED certification.       Home study or online CPR/AED certifications will be accepted for this requirement.
  • Copy of W.I.T.S. Renewal forms (#RN001 & #RN002) filled out completely with re-certification fee.


I no longer have the renewal forms that were sent with my certification, how can I get them?

Renewal Application forms are available by clicking here or you can contact our office.

What credits are required in order to renew?

All W.I.T.S. graduates are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of study within a 2 year period to maintain their current status as a W.I.T.S. certified professional. W.I.T.S. requires at least one of those credits to be an IACET CEU course chosen directly from the IACET approved course listing ( ). Your remaining credits may be completed through other W.I.T.S. approved vendors and providers.

Special Note: W.I.T.S. has always required the least amount of CECs in the industry for a 2-year renewal period. W.I.T.S. is about quality and not quantity. That is a savings of hundreds of dollars vs. other certification groups that require 20, 30 or even 50 CECs every 2 years!


Does WITS offer home study and online courses for credits?

Yes, you will find that W.I.T.S. offers a great selection of topical CEU/CEC courses for you to choose from. Visit our website for a complete listing of product descriptions.

Can I carry over any W.I.T.S. CEC’s?

Yes, you can carry over your W.I.T.S. CEC’s for any full W.I.T.S. online course and use it for the next round. Make your new knowledge count. What that means is that once you get 10 CEC’s for your 2 year renewal, you can still spread your wings to learn more and get credit for the next 2 years and the next 2 years. Be aware that it has to be a full course to get credit. We cannot take partial overlapping W.I.T.S. online courses. (example – a 12 CEC course only counts as 10 for that renewal period. The partial will not count towards the next renewal period but any new course will carry over at full value)

Will W.I.T.S. accept CEU/CEC’s from other approved organizations?

W.I.T.S. acknowledges and recognizes the highest international CEU credits from other IACET provider organizations in our field.  We will also accept colleges or other CEC groups that have been pre-approved through our W.I.T.S. CEC process.  Anyone else must be approved through a token $25 petition request.  If you have courses that need to be approved, please obtain the Petition for Continuing Education Credits form off of our website or contact our office. This approval process may take up to 2-4 weeks. The other CEC credits are considered as outside providers and will not count towards your mandatory 1 IACET CEU course requirement.

Special Note: As a Health Occupation we must ensure quality learning for our 10 hours of CECs. Please only submit quality workshops that have learning objectives and a final quiz to demonstrate the learning and competency of the subject matter. Master workouts usually do not have these requirements. Please be aware to save time and money when filling out the petition.

How do I know how many credits my college course is worth?

W.I.T.S. will match college coursework credit for credit. So, if you took a 3 credit college course (directly relating to health and fitness) W.I.T.S. will honor 3 CECs towards your renewal. These credits are considered as outside providers and will not count towards your mandatory 1 IACET CEU course requirement. A copy of an unofficial transcript showing course name, completion date and credits awarded will need to be submitted with the renewal application. Please be sure to indicate which course(s) on that transcript you wish to apply towards the renewal.

I hold multiple certifications with W.I.T.S. Will you require 10 credits for each certification?

No. You will only need 10 total credits to renew all your certifications with W.I.T.S. (Separate renewal fees will be required for each certification renewed)

How do I know when my certification is up for renewal?

Your certification will expire 2 years from the month of issuance listed on your certification. This will never change. Your certification will always need to be renewed in the same month every 2 years. Renewals are considered on-time through the last day of your renewal month.

When does my certification 2 year start day begin?

We allow you up to 120 days to complete your internship requirement. This is permitted after your passing both the written and practical exams. If you go past the 120 days to complete the internship the start date will be the 120th day. We cannot award too much time since it is cutting into your 2 year professional renewal period.

Special Note: Make sure we have a current email address on file so we can keep you informed!

Do you offer any type of grace period?

No, W.I.T.S. does not offer a grace period for renewal. This is a new policy as of July 1, 2015

How much is it to renew my certification?

Renewal fees are as follows and are per each certification that you hold with W.I.T.S.:
$75.00(us dollars) on or before expiration date

How may I pay for my renewal?

W.I.T.S. will accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You may also submit a check or money order with your mailed application.
Special Note: Any applications not filled out completely will be returned.

What is the address to mail my renewal to?

World Instructor Training Schools
c/o: Certification Renewals
2244 Sunstates Court, Suite 107
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Can I fax my renewal?

Yes, W.I.T.S. will accept a renewal via fax if you will be paying your renewal fees by credit card. The fax number is 757-428-3873. Please be sure to address the fax attn: certification renewals and customer records. It is strongly suggested that you contact the W.I.T.S. office to confirm receipt of your application after faxing.

Can I renew my certification online?

At this time, W.I.T.S. does not offer online renewal. New options coming in 2016!

How long will it take to process my renewal?

Renewal applications are generally processed within 2-3 weeks of receipt. Please take this time into consideration when submitting your application. Please remember that failure to submit a complete renewal packet will be sent back and or delay this process.  Late fees ($25 per incident) will apply to SEND BACK anything submitted after your expiration date.

Will I receive anything back from W.I.T.S. after submitting my renewal? If so, when should I expect it?

Yes, W.I.T.S. will send you a new certification for framing, a wallet card valid for another two years to reflect the renewal of your international credential. You can expect to receive that by mail within 7-14 business days of your renewal application being finalized.

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Looking for CEUs for your health occupations? Learn More

National Health Occupations CEU’s

W.I.T.S. is not only a leader in the fitness industry, but recognized as an education and training organization for other health career occupations. To demonstrate our leadership in setting standards, W.I.T.S. has voluntarily earned approval and accreditation from more 3rd party review organizations than any other fitness training and certification organization. As a result, other health career professionals can earn CEUs towards their recertification or license renewal, while also pursuing a certification with W.I.T.S.

As W.I.T.S. and it’s programs are approved by AOTA, NCTMB and IACET, we extend our welcome to occupational therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and all health professionals whose accrediting organization accept IACET CECs. Let us be a part of your professional development. Call us for help to take the next step at 888-330-9487 or e mail us at . Please note that we have both online hybrid programs as well as our live collegiate classes in 42 states.

W.I.T.S. is recognized as both a leading certification body in the fitness industry and a higher learning educational institution. This approach has led us to have set the highest standards for the performance and knowledge of fitness professionals. As such, we have voluntarily attained approvals and recognition from various 3rd party review and accreditation agencies, recognizing our certification and continuing education programs. Further evidence of our commitment to excellence is in the quality of our graduates, who consistently out-perform their competition.

We are particularly proud of attaining accreditation as an Approved Provider (AP) with the International Association of Continuing Education and Training. IACET coined the phrase CEU (continuing education unit) some 45 years ago as a project from the US Department of Education to show our commitment to these high standards, W.I.T.S. alumni can now use other fitness or health related AP programs to meet their certification renewal requirements every 2 years.

Staying current on new research and techniques is essential as it is to doctors and nurses that work with the public at large. Please check out our programs on our web site to connect to some needed CEU’s or go to our continuing education partners AAPT, IFPA. These AP’s of IACET’s health occupations do qualify with the highest standards in the world too. For more info, go to . Reach out for a health occupation provider to advance your career and your abilities.