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Frequently asked questions

How often do I need to renew?
Certifications are up for renewal every 2 years starting with the date listed on your certificate.  For example, if your certification is dated September 7, 2012, you will be due for renewal by the end of September 2014. 

What should my renewal submission include?
A proper renewal should include the following:

  • A minimum of 10 continuing education credits (CECs)
  • Completion of a least one mandatory W.I.T.S. live workshop presentation or home study/online course.  This course must be a W.I.T.S. administered course; approved providers do not apply
  • Proof of a current CPR/AED certification.  Home study or online CPR/AED certifications will be accepted for this requirement.
  • Copy of W.I.T.S. Renewal forms (#RN001 & #RN002) filled out completely with re-certification fee.

I no longer have the renewal forms that were sent with my certificate, how can I get them?
Renewal forms are available on our website or you can contact our office.

How can I get my CEC’s (Continuing Education Credits)?
All W.I.T.S. graduates are required to complete 10 hours of study within a 2 year period to maintain their status as a W.I.T.S. certified professional. W.I.T.S. requires at least one of those CEC's to be a W.I.T.S. administered class. CEC's are very easy to get through our own college and university schools, which are rightin your own neighborhood.  Nothing beats a live interactive presentation. 

Does WITS offer home study and online courses for CEC’s?
Yes, you will find that WITS offers a great selection of topical CEC courses for you to choose from.  All items are pre-approved for CEC’s and ready to go.   Visit our website for a complete listing of product descriptions. 

Will W.I.T.S. accept CEC’s from other approved organizations?
W.I.T.S. will recognize credits from other organizations to include College Credit course work directly relating to the health and fitness field, ACSM, AEA, ACE and AFAA providers. We also recognize and accept CEC's obtained from ACSM, DCAC, Sarah City Workout, Club Industry, TSI, Club Industry and IDEA conventions.  Anyone else must be approved through a petition request if they are outside of the listed programs above.  If you have courses that need to be approved, please obtain the Petition for Continuing Education Credits form off of our website or contact our office.  This process may take up to 2-4 weeks. (Please note our store has pre-approved online courses with home study CEC's ready to go.) These credits are considered as outside providers and will not count towards your mandatory 1 W.I.T.S. credit.


How do I know how many credits my college course is worth?
W.I.T.S. will match college courses credit for credit.  So, if you took a 3 credit college course (directly relating to health and fitness) W.I.T.S. will honor 3 CECs towards your renewal.  These credits are considered as outside providers and will not count towards your mandatory 1 W.I.T.S. credit.

How do I know when my certificate is up for renewal?
Your certificate will expire 2 years from the month of issuance listed on your certification. This will never change.  Your certification will always need to be renewed in the same month every 2 years.

Do you offer any type of grace period?
Yes, W.I.T.S. will honor a 6-month grace period for any certificate.  Renewal fees will be slightly higher (see fee schedule below)

How much is it to renew my certificate?
Renewal fees are as follows and are per each certificate that you hold with WITS:

$75.00(us dollars) on or before expiration date
$80.00(us dollars) up to 3 months after expiration date
$95.00(us dollars) up to 6 months after expiration date

How may I pay for my renewal? 
WITS will accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  You may also submit a check or money order. 

What is the address to mail my renewal to?
The address for mailing your renewal is as follows:

World Instructor Training Schools
c/o:  Certification Renewals
2244 Sunstates Court, Suite 107
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Can I fax my renewal?
Yes, WITS will accept a renewal via fax if you will be paying your renewal fees by credit card.  The fax number is 757-428-3873.  Please be sure to address the fax attn:  certification renewals and customer records.

Can I renew my certificate online?
At this time, W.I.T.S. does not offer online renewal.

Will I receive anything back from W.I.T.S. after submitting my renewal?  If so, when should I expect it?
Yes, WITS will send you a new certificate valid for another two years to reflect the renewal.  You can expect to receive that by mail within 7-14 business days.   


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